Why Us?

As a New Orleans-based, locally-owned media agency, we believe in thoughtfulness. We're mindful of your audience, using research to understand their journey. We're conscious of your budget, ensuring a return on your media investment.

We also believe in connection. We use media metrics as a feedback loop, letting it provide insight into channel relevancy and engagement. If the data says we can do better to drive connection, we'll do better.

As a team, we keep our finger on the pulse. Our world changes every day—and seemingly, every minute. Our media strategists and buyers keep up with new channels, technologies, and methods to connect with your audience. Through innovation and teamwork, we tackle any project thrown at us.

Finally, we take your business personally. RUNN Media was born in a city where the community comes first. We do our best work when we understand you, your customers, and your vision. The heart and soul of your business is the heart and soul of ours.