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Obsessed with Results, Driven by Data.

Who doesn’t love a good spreadsheet? Well... probably you. We created RUNN Media because we knew too many business owners who were overwhelmed with data. But, our nerds love it. And they can do some magic things when it comes to analyzing it. Seriously.

Together, we bring our awesome to your data to help drive the business results you need.

Here’s where our awesome shines the brightest

Company Branding

You need a name for that beautiful face. Successful branding drives awareness about your company’s products or services.

Lead Generation

You’re not getting anywhere talking to an empty room. We help you attract interest from new markets and customers.


We all love when Likes turn to sales. A great conversion strategy makes that your new norm.

Customer Retention

Those customers who tell their friends and Yelp and Facebook and their hair dresser about your business? We’re going to turn those customers into your besties.

Let’s Talk About You

We offer a full range of Digital Advertising Solutions

Search Engine Marketing

Google (alone) gets over 300 billion search inquiries. Every. Single. Day. Search engine marketing is a strategic, data-driven process that helps you meet your customers where they already are—searching online for the absolutely fantastic products and services you provide. That’s 300 billion worth of #winning.

Social Media Advertising

Customers may be checking you out on Google, but they’re spending time on social media: up to two hours a day for the average person! Making relationships with your fans on social media can turn into a long-term opportunity for sales and new fans. We work on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, and any other site you wanna throw at us.

Display Advertising

Want to reach new customers online? Display advertising is the magic that makes it happen. When it comes to display advertising, we handle it all. Direct media buys to programmatic buying, devastatingly beautiful visuals to engaging videos, audience targeting to remarketing, desktop to mobile, and everything in between.